This Holiday Season - Save a child Save a Nation

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St. Francis De Sales Foundation needs your support today to ensure that tomorrow the children of Haiti have an opportunity of a better future.


An organization such as St. Francis De Sales is critical to Haiti’s educational development. 40% of Haiti’s population of over nine million people is school-age children. However, one in four children did not attend school prior to the catastrophic earthquake. The limited number of schools in this impoverished nation also meant that over 2.25 million people will drop out of school thereby closing the door of opportunity. We all know that education is the cornerstone of individual and community success and is fundamental to economic prosperity. So we must attempt to foster opportunities for education. As Maya Angelou said “A mind is a terrible thing to waste”. Even though, we will not be able to fight all the woes of the country of Haiti, but we can deal a significant blow to the fight on Illiteracy. I ask for your help in this fight.


The situation on the ground in Haiti is deteriorating at an alarming rate. January 12, 2010 will mark one year anniversary of the devastating earthquake. Although numerous organizations have pledge and dedicated to help our impoverish nation, progress has been painfully slow.  This year alone, the country has been ravaged by an earthquake and most recently a Cholera outbreak. Something needs to be done. That is why, during this crisis, I’m asking for your help. Will you give? Donate Now Your contribution no matter it size will save lives.  By making a donation to St. Francis De Sales Foundation you are offering a glimpse of hope to the million of suffering children.


 Please be so kind and donate today so that tomorrow the children of Haiti will have an opportunity to a better future. So please Donate Now .

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